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Welcome to the MBCA-COS!

rmastellersmRodd Masteller, President

The MBCA began in 1956 and currently has about 20,000 members nationally.  The Central Ohio Section was chartered in November, 1962, and we have about 150 members locally.  We still hold the same goals and ideals today as we did when the Section was founded:  to enhance the enjoyment of Mercedes-Benz ownership and to share that enjoyment with others holding a similar passion for the wonderful marque.  One thing has changed; you don't have to own a Mercedes-Benz to join the Club!  Anyone with an interest in the marque can now join.

We plan our events for everyone's interests:  car shows, performance driving, road rallies, tech sessions, tours of interest, and social events.  These events are where we all share in our passion for "The Three Pointed Star" with our friends.  Our Section's officers and board members are always planning Section events to please all the members, and the Regional and National events are awe-inspiring!  Check out our events calendar to see what might interest you, as well as our latest club newsletter.

If you are not a member yet, please join us!  You need only join the national organization, and you automatically are placed with your local Section.  We are sure you will find new friends in the Club as well as enjoy and appreciate your Mercedes-Benz more.  If you have any questions about our Section please contact us here.

Thank you for visiting, we look forward to meeting you!

MBCA-COS Buckeye Ocean Tour

By Beth Klein

Our tour of the "Buckeye Ocean" was Sunday, September 15, with the the weather a perfect 68 degrees and partly sunny.  Our day began with a meet-and-greet on the National Road at ROBBCO, a boat repair and storage facility, owned and operated by members Becky and Jeff Robb and their son Jeffrey.  After coffee and donuts we lined up our 12 Mercedes-Benzes and headed north to the docks at Buckeye Lake State Park.  We embarked upon the Buckeye Lake Queen pontoon.  With an interesting history lesson and tour of the lake and Islands we rallied to a local eatery for lunch.

The day wasn’t over yet.  We climbed into our cars yet again and had a nice caravan to the Robbs' lakefront home and Bed and Breakfast Inn on the West Bank.  Dessert and relaxing beside the lake talking cars should have been enough, but we still had the new Buckeye Lake Winery to visit!  CAR or PONTOON?  We opted for the pontoon and traveled across the lake to the winery for a wine and cheese tasting.  Fun was had by all!

MBCA-COS supports Pilot Dogs

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